Resources for Lent 2014

Resources for Lent 2014

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From the Vault: here are some of our top resources for Lent 2014:

1. Practicing Freedom: A Lenten Reflection by

Lent, therefore, is about recognizing two important truths. It is about recognizing that our natural bent toward sin runs deeper than we’ve ever imagined, but it is also about learning to cultivate the freedom Christ has won for us. This is the freedom that Christ desires for his Church, the community of believers destined to bear the glory of the liberty of the children of God. Christ has set us free, and we are free indeed. May he sustain us by his grace to live into the liberty he has provided.

2. On Fasting: A Poem for the Eve of Lent by

Feeding empty with fullness
Indulgence aside
Tasting weakness
Shattering pride

3. The Meaning of Lent (Seven Minute Seminary) by

Dr. Michael Pasquarello explains how Lent is an invitation to examine our desires and reorient them toward God. See our growing playlist of Seven Minute Seminary.

4. Limiting Lent: Towards Holistic Observance by

The season of Lent was one of the liturgical seasons that rose to particular importance early in the church. The New Handbook of the Christian Year records, “Lent is a time for evangelism and for true conversion—a time for growing through repentance, fellowship, prayer, fasting, and concentration upon our baptismal covenant.”

5. 4 Oldie-but-Goodie Songs You Should Revive for Lent by

So I decided to challenge myself to revive some of the great songs from the past few decades that reverberate so clearly within the Lent season. You should recognize them; many might be songs that were overdone in your church years ago. The challenge: dust these charts off and revive these songs as we as a church make our journey toward the cross.

6. Helpful Hymns for Lenten Worship by

As we settle into the season of Lent, our worship naturally takes on a more reflective nature. Lent is a time of reflection about our lives, a time of repentance and preparation for the remembrance of Christ’s passion – and music meets us in these places in profound ways.

7. Lent as Holy Spirit Rehab Center by

A few years back, this short refrain took the country by storm. It came from a song by the late Amy Winehouse. Unfortunately, the song tells something of the short biography of her life. She died last summer from substance abuse. Something about that song, Rehab, touched a deep nerve.

8. 5 New Songs to Consider for Worship in Lent by

Lent is here, and if you haven’t started planning how  your congregation will be practicing Lent in your gatherings each week, consider this your wake-up call. Every year I listen to a lot of music trying to find songs that are theologically targeted and musically accessible for our congregation to sing during Lent. Here are five new (or new-ish) songs for you to consider using for worship this Lent season.

9. Descent: A Conversation on Worship Design

(Use code LENT14 in the checkout) The Lenten season is a great time to get back to the core of our faith. In this spirit, Seedbed is pleased to offer Descent: A Conversation on Worship Design, a beautifully designed mini-magazine of rich art and articles by some of Seedbed’s finest contributors.

If you are still looking for a congregational resource for the season of Lent, consider The CREED Experience.


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