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Author: Andrew Dragos

7 Quick Facts about St. Patrick's Day

From his birth to high-ranking Roman colonists parents to his death on March 17 in the late 5th century, St. Patrick was best known for his evangelistic fervor, courage, and humility, even in the face of difficult opposition from druid religious leaders. Here are seven quick facts you may not know about St. Patrick and St. Patrick’s Day.

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7 Quick Facts about Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is a popular day of celebration in the United States and beyond, but most people know surprisingly little about the origins of the holiday. This isn’t necessarily surprising, as surprisingly little is known about Saint Valentine except his name. Here are some other quick facts you may not know about Valentine’s history.

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The Dream of Social Holiness on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

If the scandal used to be that slavery and religion could co-exist, today it is that holiness could be conceived of by some as something other than social. Today we remember those prophets like Martin Luther King Jr. who called God’s people to be holy as he is holy, and today we press on in full faith that God will do it.

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John Wesley Biography

John Wesley was born in 1703 at Epworth, England, to parents Samuel and Susanna Wesley. His father was rector in the Church of England and his mother a parent to John’s nine other siblings, including

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