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Author: Casey Culbreth

God Is Here

A word is spoken over our lives today that will reverberate throughout the centuries into the future, all the way into distant eternity.

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Prepare Him Room

We all know that Christmas is “supposed” to be this time of joy and celebration, and yet it can often become more like a tornado or a drought that we have to survive.

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The Visitation

This is what the Church is supposed to look like: believers encouraging each other in our callings, listening to the Spirit for one another, being on the lookout for God’s work within each other.

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Costly Consent

Mary’s yes would resound throughout her entire life, leading her all the way to the cross, where she would witness her son live out the culmination of his yes to the Father.

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Favored One

Mary gave her life, her blood, and her family, so that Christ might give the world his life, his blood, and his family.

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Cloud of Witnesses

The cloud of witnesses in Hebrews is this joyous, exuberant crowd of spectators who have gone before us, who are now witnessing our race of faith, and are compassionately cheering us on.

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