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Where should a Christian stand regarding the intersection of faith, science, and scripture? Guy Williams shares two books that will get you pointed in the right direction.

How can traditional, orthodox Christians strengthen their faith and train for mission in a changing cultural landscape? Guy Williams shares how the Benedict Option may be the key.

It is easy to see issues as cut and dry when they are not personal. John Murdock shares one woman's very personal story about abortion.

Do you wonder why some denominations ordain women and some do not? Kelly Soifer shares from the Free Methodist tradition.

How important is our faith, really? Guy Williams reviews a book about how one man's faith impacted his job interrogating prisoners of war in Iraq.

The most important book of 2016 is The Patient Ferment of the Early Church: The Improbable Rise of Christianity in the Roman Empire, by...

Taylor Brown reviews Larry Hurtado's newest book, calling Christians to remember our heritage as a set apart people who defy the darkness that we live in with the light of the gospel.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. So will you. John Grisham’s novel Gray Mountain has everything and almost begs to be made into a movie. Plot...

Why is Harry Potter still so relevant to so many people? Molly Just explains what the church might learn from the ways people identify with JK Rowling's wildly popular series.

Most of us have heard of John Wesley, but do you know about George Whitfield? Stephen Wright shares some wisdom from a book about a giant of the faith and one of Wesley's contemporaries.

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